Maintain all beaches


We must remember that the lake is one of Kincardine’s main tourist attractions.

As a summer resident living on Saugeen Street, I see a number of people come park their car at the walkover, climb the steps, look at the beach and walk away. I can’t help but wonder if the town is not aware that tourists coming into town from Highway 9 or 21 find themselves on Broadway, see the lake and drive down, round the corner at the base of Broadway and park at the first walkover to look at the lake.

What do they see? A beach that is weedy, log strewn and overgrown.

Is this the impression that we want to leave with tourists? Not all tourists go to Station Beach. If Kincardine is serious about attracting tourists, all of Kincardine’s beaches should be clean and attractive.

Marilyn McLeod, Kincardine