See no evil


Surprise, surprise! The Kincardine tourist booth is going out on the highway.

Team Kincardine (Chamber of Commerce, BIA and Penetangore Regional Economic Development Corporation) pushed the municipality long and hard for a downtown space (at taxpayers’ expense, of course).

Well, in March, 2014, the Team got its way. Council at the time (many of whom were re-elected) listened to Team Kincardine and rented space downtown to be shared by the tourist booth and Team Kincardine. Council, of course, paid no attention to the many citizens who were against the move.

If you read last week’s newspaper, there was indication that a mistake had been made, that a great deal of time and money had been wasted. A classic case, I suppose, of hear no evil, see no evil.

If successive councils did their homework instead of listening to pressure groups such as Team Kincardine, the municipality could provide better services at less cost.

Eric Howald