Innovative thinking


Yes, with the rising lake levels and high winds, Mother Nature is doing her best to reclaim land, deposited a thousand years ago, north of the pier. Kincardine’s response is a $300,000 barrier for the 300 metres eroding away - that works out to $1,000 per centimetre!

Thirty years ago, the same thing occurred 750 metres north on Saugeen Street. Kincardine’s answer to that was the creation of Fort Kincardine. This massive collection of boulders and rocks more than protects from the lake - but can protect us in case the Americans decide to invade. We should be very confident knowing now that the last place the Yankees would ever want to invade would be this town.

You know, this joint already has trucks, loaders, tractors and the like. Why not use them to knock a foot or two off the “fort” and move it three blocks south. Heck, there’s even an engineering company already located in Kincardine for needed expertise when required, saving travel expenses for someone from another town.

We taxpayers would now and then really appreciate an occasional touch of innovative thinking and to keep our tax increases at bay. After all, is there any other community in all of Canada whose annual tax increases are consistently three, four or five times the Consumer Price Index?

K. Mowle, Kincardine