It's important to us


I have received a lot of positive response from my two previous letters to the editor concerning the proposed stone wall at MacPerson (Tiny Tot) Park beach, and I hope a lot of people expressed their opinion to council at . (If anyone is wondering why it was not in the other free paper, it is because that editor refused to publish them.)

I was reminded of the consequences of decisions with regard to Station Beach when council decided to remove all of the poplar trees that had been there for decades which acted as a barrier to the blowing sand. The trees allowed dunes to form on the shoreline to hold the sand on the beach and keep it out of the harbour. After they were removed, the sand blew into boats, the harbour and onto the lower roadway and parking lot.

For years then the town had to have the sand excavated back to the beach. The harbour had to be dredged and a wall was built on the west side of the harbour to protect the boats and keep some of the sand from blowing into the harbour. It took years for the dunes to reform after a lot of volunteer work on the gardens, tree replacement and maintenance by the Kincardine Works crews, and it changed the shoreline landscape.

Decisions like the one above may solve the problem of today, but cause different ones tomorrow.

What will the future hold if this plan to place irregularly shaped boulders along the shoreline takes place? The spaces and crevices will absolutely fill with sand and trees and weeds and create a potentially dangerous area that kids will want to play in.

If you want real proof of what the future of the Lake Huron view will look like in five, 10 or 15 years, take a drive to the bottom of Durham Street and look between the water treatment plant and the pavilion.  You don't even have to get out of your car.  Those rocks are below the site line.  You can hardly see anything of the lake.  That used to be a place to watch the thunderstorms, but no more.

Has this plan been thoroughly thought out from a long-term prospective and with due diligence to safety, accessibly, sustainability, economics, tourism, stakeholder approval and just good old common sense? Council, please preserve this area. It's important to us.

Shirley Wright, Kincardine