Revitalize not ruin


This letter is to all the people who come to the parking lot at the bottom of Lambton Street to sit by the lake and watch the waves and listen to their calming roll, to the parents who bring their little ones to the lake to throw stones and to those hard-working individuals who come to eat lunch and relax before going back to their stressful day.

This will be your last year to do that as the municipality intends to do to this section of the lake what they did to the north section of Saugeen Street - Manitoba maples, weed trees, weeds, evergreens, a wall of garbage plants and no maintenance.

I cannot comprehend why the municipality would take one of the most beautiful and treasured areas of downtown and turn it into a useless, dangerous dump for weeds, brush and garbage to collect, rendering it useless to the community.

This area needs to be revitalized, not demolished. Take a drive down Saugeen Street North to see the future of this beautiful area. Do you want your children playing there? Would you like to picnic beside that mess?

I understand that the municipality already has a plan and is putting it out for tender without public input.  Public consultation into this project is essential so that the community can be certain that this irreplaceable asset is protected in a way that retains the current site lines to the lake for people restricted to their vehicles, that it is user-friendly, appealing and sustainable.  The municipality will have to take on the responsibility to remove beach stones and debris that will pile up behind it and manage the weeds and plants that will take over if they use Armour stone.

Can we not develop a plan for a wall that could stem the erosion, yet be attractive and useful?  Reconstruct the boardwalk on top of the wall with a step to access the beach. If I seem skeptical, it is because this area has been ignored for years. The north picnic shelter was never replaced. The roof on the remaining shelter needs to be replaced before we lose it too. The fence to the west side of the lawn bowling club is wire strung between fallen, termite-ridden posts. Picnic tables in MacPherson Park are few and far between if there is an event anywhere else in town. You already know about the tennis courts, and I don't have the time or space to talk about the washrooms. I don't have a lot of confidence that this will be a priority project that will enhance our community. If done properly as a revitalization project not a band-aid, this area would be a wonderful upgrade to the shoreline and deem it safe from erosion forever.

Please let council know how you feel. The easy way is to email to and ask her to copy council. Just say, "I agree with Shirley" so that Randy will get a copy. Or call the new maintenance manager Adam Weishar at 519-396-3468 ext. 7119. I spoke to him; he is very nice and would love to hear your opinion.  Also, I believe the Accessibility Committee should have some input into this project.

Come on seniors. I know you have computers!

Shirley Wright, Kincardine