Emerg caring & professional


I have had the bad luck and the good fortune to visit the emergency department, twice in the past two months. I found them to be a caring and professional group of people.


Last night, starting at 5:30 p.m. and finishing at 10 p.m., I was assessed, entered into the system, made comfortable on a cot, and visited by Dr Daniel Lee. He ordered blood work, and x-rays, drew off 20cc of serum and started two different IVs, each of which lasted 45 minutes.


I keep my tetanus shot up to date - my responsibility. I even got a Band-Aid. One of the nurses brought me a sandwich, which I hope was not part of her supper.


Perhaps Josh should, instead of pointing fingers, make a fist and look at who might be responsible for the problems that he encountered.


Murray Johnson, Kincardine

Emergency Room Care

On Wednesday I had to take my husband into the emergency for something that required him being admitted. We arrived at noon and by 12:15 we were in a room with no less than 3 nurses setting him up to be checked out by the doctor on staff that day. The doctor was in the room with 30 minutes and started checking him out thoroughly. The whole time there, the staff, nurses and doctor, were friendly, attentive and very professional. My point is to Josh Howald who wrote that he was not properly taken care of. If you were not treated well, could it be possible that you deserved it? What's that saying "you catch for bees with honey than vinegar"? Your comments not only insulted the staff at the hospital but all health care workers, which by the way includes me. Until you've walked in a nurses shoes, especially an emergency room nurse, you can't make that statement. Nurses have to stay upbeat and positive even when dealing with people who, when in pain or anxious or just plain rude, have insulted them, verbally and sometimes physically abused them. I'm surprised they didn't bring in "Nurse Ratched" to take care of you. I think every hospital should have a "Nurse Ratched" to tend to patients like you. Of course they could stone bad patients like say raccoons, to put them out of their misery. My point being, maybe you should have asked your readers how many people have had positive experiences at the hospital instead of negative.
For all the health care workers out there dealing with obnoxious patients, I applaud you along with many others. Keep up the good work and ignore the bullies. By the way, I checked and you had other positive letters that you didn't post.
Karen Ballok

I advise you to actually read

I advise you to actually read the articles in question.

My initial column did exactly what you suggested. I asked the readers for positive stories. Every positive story (3) we received was printed. None of the 17 negative ones were.

I was polite and patient during my visit. Your comments are scary, particularly from somebody in the the field - if somebody is rude or disrespectful they don't deserve quality care?

Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed the raccoon reference in particular :)


Josh Howald