Reconsider decision


Taking away blue containers at Beefway because they are being used too much - really? Because they worked so well, the municipality decides it should be stopped? The only problem is that they weren't emptied often enough. Most times I went, one could barely squeeze in cardboard. Guess it was too much effort to maintain, but they solved that extra work problem by cancelling a much used service.


I hope not all council decisions are this way. It would have been a good one if it was not being used at all. The right solution would have been to empty them more often. Hopefully we won’t see more waste along roadways due to this. (This writer would never do that.)


Does the insult of not getting free bag tags anymore, after paying thousands in taxes to maintain various services, not vex the average home owner? Hopefully they will reconsider. It was a much used service.


Roger Amelotte