Tennis court problem


I was a member of the Kincardine Tennis Club for 35 years. I helped oversee the installation of one of the finest lighting systems in Ontario. This project came in under budget. I also helped in overseeing the reconstruction of the courts to make them very high quality.


From April until November, these courts are used by people aged four or five years to seniors in their eighties.


The Kincardine Tennis Club has never been a great expense to the town on a year basis as players have paid their own way, including a wind screen and net replacement. Generally we mowed our own grass inside the court.


It saddens me to think that a well-used facility like this is being ignored by the town when in addition to members many tourists use it while visiting our town. Other facilities which are not used nearly as much get much greater funding.


Come on, Kincardine. Let’s get this first-class facility back in condition so that the many people who use it can enjoy it again.


Vaughn Munro