Deteriorating courts


I have been a member of Kincardine Tennis Club for the last several seasons and a keen follower of this game.

I always look forward to playing tennis at the beautifully located tennis courts in Kincardine, but at the same time am saddened by the deteriorating condition of these courts in recent years - the latest being a sink hole on Court 3.

I fully support Kincardine Tennis Club's proposals and justification put forward to the Municipality for the refurbishment of the courts as soon as possible.

As the club has stated in its recent communication, time is really running out and the 2016 tennis season is already at risk due to the indecision regarding the refurbishment budget approval by the municipality.

I am pretty sure that refurbished courts will attract more membership and will also sustain the interest of the regular paying members as well as the younger generation, while bringing revenue to the club/municipality.

I am sure my other fellow members of the Kincardine Tennis Club would also like to see the courts being refurbished at the earliest opportunity and continue playing at this beautiful location, but the Municipality needs to act in a hurry and help the club with the required funding  to refurbish the courts.


Anand Panditrao