Sore losers


I find it very strange and disturbing that Union Gas is operating open houses this upcoming week in the three communities that have engaged EPCOR to carry out the role of bringing Natural Gas to our communities.


I was involved for years on this project and disappointed that Union Gas was not able to provide a viable proposal. The municipalities paid Union Gas thousands of dollars in the past to carry out a feasibility and costing study, in response to which Union offered to construct the lines at a cost of some $97,000,000, if the municipalities donated $87,000,000. Union would contribute $10,000,000 (10.3 per cent), but they would own 100 per cent and retain all profits. Not a viable financial alternative for our municipalities.


Union sighted regulatory issues that would not allow them to make it work for us. Subsequently the municipalities moved forward and through a legitimate process engaged EPCOR to proceed with the project on what appears to be favourable terms for our residents. That legitimate process allowed Union to participate. What their proposal was, if any, is not known to me. Obviously, our municipalities believe EPCOR is the better proposal, hence EPCOR is being awarded the franchise rights.


Union should respect the process and not cause confusion with something they apparently cannot deliver.


Jim Prenger