Mud roads


I see by our local paper that the approval has been given for the downtown parking lot to be upgraded. I don’t think there is any denying that it should be done before it gets to the point of no return.


However, do you realize that over in the south-east corner of the former Kincardine Township we are still driving on mud roads? Four years ago, the Southline was torn up because of lack of maintenance. This section, between Sideroad 30 and the Huron-Kinloss boundary, has become a road of mud. Does our council realize that hundreds of people use this road on the way to the golf course, campgrounds and greenhouses? These people drive out on the Southline with wonderful thoughts of having a great day when all of a sudden they hit 1.5 kms of mud until they reach the Huron-Kinloss boundary, then drive on a beautiful paved road all the way to Bruce Road 1.


Maybe the entire council should go on a road inspection trip. Just a suggestion, but maybe council could approach Huron-Kinloss for some funds as it benefits from the golf course, campgrounds and greenhouses.


I read the rant about the tennis courts. There is no question that they need a makeover. There are probably just as many tourists using the Southline as the tennis courts. This municipality needs the tourist business. We have a great community, so let’s look after it!


I am also wondering if the CAO is there for advice or for making council decisions.


John A. Dahmer,

R.R. 4, Kincardine