FHT Response


The Family Health Team at the Kincardine Community Medical Centre, which includes the medical doctors, acknowledge recent complaints regarding notices which have been placed in the paper and have been posted at the clinic. We wish to provide our response and explanation.


These notices are not directed to the majority of people who are courteous and appropriate during the time they are at the clinic.


A small but significant number of patients, however, have subjected our staff to verbal abuse and behaviour that we would describe as harassing and intimidating. Our staff do their best to provide efficient and caring service to our patients. This has continued in spite of a difficult year. Our staff members are entitled to work in a safe and healthy environment, free from harassment. They are entitled to be treated with respect.


As their employers, we not only wish to provide this environment to them, but are obligated by law to provide it. The notices are intended to serve as a reminder of the behaviour that is expected of people who attend the clinic.


Any concerns which patients have regarding the services they receive at the clinic should be directed to Gerry Glover, the medical centre’s administrator, or the medical doctor involved.  We are the people who employ the staff and are responsible for the operation of the clinic.




Dr. Lisa Scott

Associate Lead Physician, Kincardine Family Health Organization

Chairperson, Kincardine Family Health Team