Clinic belongs to taxpayers


In response to Bud Pretty’s letter and the notice in the Independent dated Dec. 23, 2015:

I am not one of the recipients of that awful letter that appeared in the paper. My first reaction on reading it was “someone just flew out of the cuckoo nest”. This is the second time that I have read the message “if you don’t like the way we are doing things, take yourself somewhere else”.

Since the letter was in the paper, I have asked people I’ve met if they have read it. The answer that I am getting is no, they have not. Obviously nothing has happened in their lives at the clinic; they would rather not think about it; or they just don’t care.

Whichever one of the above applies to you, I think it is time that you started to care. Our  medical clinic is going to H in a hand basket. This clinic belongs to the taxpayers of the Municipality of Kincardine - that means you and me.

The municipality was requested to build a medical clinic by some of the doctors who previously had their own offices (which in my estimation worked quite well). It is alleged that these doctors advised that if they did not get it, they would leave town. I am wondering if we should not have caved and let them leave town. Would we be any worse off?

Even money given to lure doctors to our medical clinic is not working. Why? There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. While other employees in the municipality are facing the public every day (i.e. at the bank, lawyer’s offices, drug stores, restaurants), they do not have a glass wall to hide behind - only the OPP, hospital and medical clinic staff do. Why do they have to worry about harassment or anything else for that matter? They have a shield that the normal working public has to work through. I know that if things get out of hand, anyone can call the police. Is the staff is not properly educated to handle these matters?

I really wouldn’t blame the hospital for the doctors leaving. I would put the blame where it should be - the “hierarchy” at the medical clinic. They have excellent doctors in emergency. At least when I was there with my stroke, I couldn’t have been better looked after. One of the problems brought to my attention is that some of the nursing staff (and you know who you are) do not like patients to come after 10 p.m. unless by ambulance, as you have just wrecked their whole shift. How many out there can adhere to that?

I would ask yourselves what incidents you have had with either the hospital or the medical clinic, and if you feel my letter is truth or fiction. I would ask the residents of the Municipality of Kincardine to keep a closer eye on what your municipality and your medical clinic are up to and who else they can blame for their actions.

Marsha Leggett,

R.R. 1, Tiverton