Be wary


I read with interest your Dec. 2, 2015, articles on upgrades to the municipal sewage facilities of Kincardine along with the one located at the Bruce Energy Centre – this is the Bruce Energy Centre (BEC) formerly operated by Bruce Power (where ownership was transferred to the municipality for a small consideration about three and a half years ago).  The capital upgrade at the BEC lagoon is estimated at close to $500,000. Current research appears to indicate that if this lagoon has to be upgraded to a water treatment plant, the costs would be in the area of $15 million. It is currently close to its capacity of 80 per cent.


If the Inverhuron sewer and water project recently proposed had gone ahead, this capacity would soon have been exceeded, greatly increasing the probability of incurring these extensive costs earlier than later.


The Inverhuron properties along the shore (about 30 at best) that some deem to be a problem can be solved at no cost to the municipality by allowing them to utilize part of the unused Lake Street North road allowance so that the sand base they sit on, can be used with modern septic options that the University of Waterloo research indicates may be five to 10 times more effective at protecting adjacent water bodies from the pollutants of greatest concern. Use of Mother Nature’s sand in this situation is better due diligence than municipal money expenditure.


Taxpayers of the entire municipality should be wary – and keen to avoid further costly expenditures. There is talk of a 10 per cent increase for 2016 and we are only at the operating part of the budget!


Is another 30 per cent increase over three years a possibility come to haunt us again?


Bob MacKenzie