Two-way street


This letter is in response to a public notice titled “Have You Received This Letter?” that appeared in the Dec. 23 edition of The Kincardine Independent.


I am not one of the recipients of the letter, nor do I know of anyone who has received one. I do not know the circumstances about which the letter was written.


The “get outta town before sundown” (if you need health care) tone of the letter irks me.


Kincardine has lost four well respected doctors in the past few months (it would be interesting to know the reason for their departure so suddenly). Perhaps their leaving has some bearing on the way our hospital is being administered, maybe not, but the tone of that letter would indicate some frustration on the part of the Kincardine Family Health Team (whoever they are).


May I remind the Family Health Team that tolerance may be a two-way street; you cannot claim it solely for yourself.


People show up at the facility because they are in distress one way or another, and to receive anything less than timely, polite and courteous treatment increases that stress. Granted, in an environment where caretakers are overworked and overwhelmed things may get testy, but aren’t they supposed to be trained for those kinds of situations?


More training may be the answer, more doctors maybe. For sure some professionalism is required. And please do not blame the poor person looking for help because he or she is in distress.


Bud Pretty