The day the music died


A little over a year ago, KDSS quietly eliminated its music program.


It seems that over the last decade, the arts - including music - have been hit hard by cuts in funding.


There is strong evidence that arts education provides a key foundation for developing students’ creativity, engagement and academic achievement. Arts education both supports individual learning and development, and builds students’ capacity to communicate and work in teams. Apparently administrators at the Bluewater District School Board disagree.


I think it is up to the citizens of the municipality to ensure there is proper policy and funding to guarantee that all students - regardless of where they live or their family income - have access to music instruction during school hours.


Kincardine is blessed with a rich musical heritage. Let’s keep it that way. I think there should be music at KDSS. If you agree with me, please contact me at the address below.


Dave Schmalz,