Trail will improve safety


Kudos to the Kincardine Trails Association for their work in getting the agreement to construct the B-line trail signed. Not only will this be an asset to our municipality, but it will also improve the safety for people who attempt to ride a bicycle on the B-line.

As an avid walker, I was disappointed in councillor Gord Campbell’s comment about “people that won’t walk a few steps to get their groceries.” I would like to challenge councillor Campbell to try walking anywhere in our town.

Sidewalks, if you are lucky enough to be walking on a residential street that has one, appear to have had all the forethought provided by a drunken sailor. Other than the east side of Queen Street, there are very few sidewalks in Kincardine that run the entire length of a street on the same side or they just end abruptly (i.e. Huron Terrace, Durham, Broadway).

Some sidewalks are abutted beside the pavement without a boulevard for buffer, or even a curb to prevent a car from leaving the road and running onto the sidewalk; Broadway Street going westerly is a prime example. I often wonder while I watch vehicles take the S-bend just west of Trillium Court if the slush in winter will pull them into my path on the sidewalk; I question a vehicle’s speed on this section as well.

Brian Grohs, Kincardine