Record voter turnout in Huron-Bruce


A record number of eligible voters in Bruce and Huron counties exercised their democratic right in the federal election, held Oct. 19.


According to Elections Canada, 57,888 individuals who were eligible to vote in the Huron-Bruce riding went to the polls. That is 72 per cent of registered electors. That figure is even higher than the national average of 68.5 voter turnout, the highest turnout since 1993.


In the previous federal election, in 2011, the national voter turnout average was 61 per cent. Voter turnout in Huron-Bruce was 68.8 per cent.


In this most recent federal election, incumbent Conservative candidate Ben Lobb won with 25,803 votes or 44.6 per cent. Liberal candidate Allan Thompson received 23,126 votes or 39.9 per cent. NDP candidate Gerard Creces earned 7,558 votes or 13.1 per cent and Green Party candidate Jutta Splettstoesser received 1,401 votes or 2.4 per cent.