Dream come true


One of your readers has written a letter opposing the federal Liberal plan to borrow in order to invest in infrastructure projects across the country over the next several years.


Virtually all Canadian homeowners borrow to keep a roof over their heads. The equivalent for the country as a whole are the roads, bridges, transit, water and sanitary sewage systems that are taken for granted in municipalities all across Canada. These are the hard services that comprise our infrastructure and that are wearing out in Huron-Bruce and in communities all across the land. These are services we can't do without.


It is the dream of every homeowner that when the mortgage comes due, interest rates will be affordable. Well for Canada, this dream has come true - the mortgage has come due in terms of renewing our infrastructure and interest rates have never been lower!


It is not “prodigal spending” or irresponsible to borrow at record low interest rates for the durable, hard services which are necessities of life in this country. There can be no doubt this is the right plan for Canada at this point in time.


Gord Thompson, Kincardine