Attracting industry


Some people think industry can be attracted to Kincardine. If they were, they would go bankrupt. Kincardine is a resort area, and could be developed in the winter, although the blizzard conditions make that doubtful for cross country skiing, races, and skidoo activities.

Kincardine could not attract industry which would remain solvent for the following reasons;

Because of Bruce Power’s high labor costs.

Because of mismanagement by the Liberals, its electrical costs are three times what they are in some other provinces;

There are about 20 countries in the world whose educational standards at the end of High School, are as high as our University degrees. In some, their B.Sc’s are of a higher standard than our PhD’s. That is because their standards are dramatically higher from the start.

Kincardine has no port;

Kincardine has no railway;

Kincardine’s market is so small that it is irrelevant;

Port Elgin brought in natural gas 30 years ago, when it was inexpensive to do so. They have not attracted one industry, nor will they for the reasons set out above.

Some industries have been attracted to Ontario in the automotive field to supply the U.S. market and the Canadian one, but they were located close to high population centers, and even Ontario’s poor educational standards, are better, than those found in the U.S. They came before the Liberals gave us such high energy costs due to inadequate solar panels and poor windmills.

Harry Giles