Medical marijuana plant could be operational this year


By Barb McKay


AMMCan could be producing medical marijuana by the end of this year.


The company’s executives attended last Wednesday’s Municipality of Kincardine planning and corporate services meeting to provide an update on AMMCan’s progress in securing an operating licence from the federal government. The company, established in 2013 under Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc., has been converting more than 300,000 square feet of greenhouse space at the Bruce Energy Centre to grow medical grade marijuana. When the company begins producing it will use a portion of the building and ramp up production over the next few years.


AMMCan president John Fowler said the company is on pace to begin cultivation by the end of 2015.


“Finally, in Ottawa the light is flickering at the end of the tunnel.”


He said AMMCan has twice had to lay off employees already hired as it has worked through the approval process with Health Canada but will be bringing them all back on. The company currently employs 12 people and will increase its staff to 20 when production starts and reach 100 employees in total.


Fowler said AMMCan will hire locally and pay living wages. He assured council that the company is federally-regulated and operations will be fully transparent.


“You can be certain that this will be a great corporate citizen in the community. There will be no funny business.”


Fowler said clients can sign up to receive products once they provide a medical document from a physician. Orders can be placed through the website or by telephone and are shipped by courier in discreet packaging.


The production facility employs a hybrid greenhouse system that uses up to 60 per cent less energy than most indoor greenhouses. AMMCan will use a rainwater collection system to cut down on water consumption. Security will be a top priority and the company will employ a number of tools, including 10-foot high security fences, digital access controls and tracking, security cameras, an intrusion detection system and personnel background checks.


Mayor Anne Eadie said she has toured the facility and was pleased with what she saw.


“What impressed me was the cleanliness of the place and the level of security,” she said.


Fowler extended an invitation to the rest of council to come out to the site and take a tour any time.

Just curious..but,

Is everyone in Kincardine as sick and tired of listening to the endless stream of excuses flowing out of Extreme Pharmasuticals as all of the other investors who believed in them?