“Weighing the risk” rebuttal


Barb McKay, I cannot accept the premise of your article entitled “Weighing the risk”.


No one should accept your assertion the drowning victims at Station Beach entered the water considering they may be making a life and death decision. More likely these people entered the water (along with hundreds of others) wanting to have fun and splash in the waves.


My brother is perhaps an exception as he drowned while rescuing his daughter and her friend. Barb, for you to state that these drowning victims only have themselves to blame because they lack common sense is insulting, incorrect and hurtful to the deceased and their loved ones. I believe a retraction and an apology is in order.


Initially in your article you speak of good ideas for improving safety at Station Beach. With that I agree and am actively lobbying to get the ideas collected, assessed and implemented. However, you then go on to say that no amount of improved signage or life-saving provisions would help. This you state is because these victims of drowning lacked common sense. Your logic is flawed and offensive. Your self-righteous indignation helps create a public sentiment that nothing can be done or is worth doing. Thereby you are contributing to an air of apathy that only increases public risk.


What is required is to engage the public in a positive and constructive dialogue. Not to shut it down with negative platitudes and criticism. I believe our community deserves better from its local papers.


Graham Hancock