Safety improvements needed


As a member of the Johnson family, I agree with and support Mrs. Hammill’s ideas regarding improved water safety in the area of Station Beach and the two piers. I do, however, take issue with the Independent’s comments concerning the safety equipment available in the area.


While there is a lifesaver ring and a long snagging pole near the east end of the south pier, its location (hidden behind bushes and a sand dune, more than 200 yards from where Lucas’ friends could have used it) made it cruelly useless in this tragic instance.


No one without binoculars and local knowledge of where to look could even spot the box from near the end of the south pier where Lucas went in the water. As for the presence of safety equipment on the north pier, or anywhere near it, I challenge anyone to show me where it is located.


Safety improvements must be made, and while nothing can prevent all accidents, surely a couple of posts with lifesaving equipment attached would not be out of the question.


Rod Kennedy (uncle), Kincardine


(Note from the Independent: We were also unable to find a life preserver on the north pier. We regret the error.)