No respect for property


I'm writing to tell you of a very disappointing experience in our community.

On Wednesday, July 29, I took my grandson to have a look at the weeding situation at boardwalk Garden #23 to make a plan for later in the week. Immediately he noticed that the beautiful woven tree branch chair he and his sister worked so hard to put in last year had been broken.

This is not the first time it was damaged, but this time it is broken and cannot be used as one of the main supporting branches for the seat was snapped. The damage was not visible Tuesday evening, so I'm going to guess that through the night someone jumped on it. I'd like to be wrong, but I doubt it.

I had wanted the garden to help develop a sense of contributing to community pride by working and being responsible for keeping the boardwalk a beautiful place for everyone to visit. Joshua and Taya Cuyler (8 and 10 years respectively) are my grandchildren. It broke my heart when Joshua asked why people were not being respectful, something their parents work hard to teach them in the way they behave towards others and their property. I found I had no words to answer him.


Jennifer Brown, Kincardine