County looking for public’s help with popular defibrillator database


By Barb McKay

 Bruce County EMS has signed an agreement with its dispatch service to ensure that defibrillators in public facilities can be located and accessed quickly.

The county’s paramedic service formalized the agreement recently with London Central Ambulance Communication Centre to provide the dispatch service with its public access defibrillator database and populate it.

“When someone calls 911 the location will come up and if a public access defibrillator is at that location the dispatcher will tell the caller where it is and that they should have someone else get it while the caller is instructed on CPR until the defibrillator is retrieved and at the patient’s side,” said Doug Smith, director of emergency services for Bruce County.

The dispatcher will then instruct the caller on how to use the defibrillator. The dispatcher will also document information from the call for Response Time Standard requirements.

Smith said the county is appealing to the public to report the locations of public access defibrillators so they can be added to the database.

“We are attempting to find out exactly how many are out there and where they are located. We have the arenas, community centres, curling clubs, schools, public buildings etc., but we want to ensure we can locate most, if not all, others.”

To report the location of a public access defibrillator, call the Bruce County emergency services department at 519-881-1291.