From under the rock


Thanks Eric, but you can use my name. I am the one you were referring to. I'm well protected by my rock and I'm very comfortable being under it.

Why can't we get rid of the hospital board? They must be like a union employee - that is of no value, a job for life. I got a real belly laugh when I heard the SBGHC head say in a radio interview: I don't know why the public went public and made such a fuss. Boy, he is out to lunch. I would hope the door strikes him severely on the posterior when he leaves, and maybe just enough to go forward and face down in whatever your readers wish.
I received first hand information on the reunion, as I have a small source. I don't need nor do I require names as the paper does the same thing; it gives you a mental challenge.

I read your diatribe and enjoyed it. Maybe Carol Mitchell is under a rock, but farther and deeper in the riding. She is a busy person and is always running out of breath running after McGuinty.

Have a good rest of the summer. It's real nice under my rock - cool. Quite a few others should try it, maybe a new subdivision of rock hounds.

Bryan Edden

Kincardine Hospital

Dear Eric,
I wanted to write this letter, to get something off my chest! During this tough time for our family, I cannot help but hear some of the almost "criminal things" that are happening in our great town of Kincardine, with the hospital, to be exact.
I can't believe that with all the people moving back to Kincardine, young and old, that the hospital is not equipped for births anymore! I'm also in disgust that all the people who are close to retiring, or already have, have to make the trek to Walkerton, to receive a check-up? This is what we get, for being the only area (Kincardine/Port Elgin) in Bruce/Huron County, that gives back to our economy on a regular basis?
During the time of my Mother's premature death, I cannot stop thinking, "what if Kincardine Hospital had been the place it once was, could this have helped my mom or other's in the same situation?" .
By no means do I fault the present employees there, in fact I applaud them, as they are swimming with sharks everyday, working against the odds given to them.
I feel as a past resident of Kincardine, a person who wants to return there and one who was born there, that I must help! I'm going to do a charity softball game again, with celebrities to raise money for the Kincardine Hospital only. We did one 4 years ago, which raised $15,000 in a single day event, of which I'm still not sure where the money went!!!
Also the local town council and SBGHC should be ahsamed of themselves for letting things get to this point! I encourage all Kincardine residents and near communites residents to take a stand and stop this maddness, before the hospital is gone! If this means de-emalgumation, or getting provincial government's attention to this matter, action needs to be take immediately! I will help to do whatever it takes to get this done in a timely and efficient manner, before more people suffer!

Scott McKay