Poor choice for location


I am following up on my presentation to municipal council on June 17 regarding the location of a proposed washroom.

The proposed location is the old fire hall beside the Kincardine Arts Centre. I am having great difficulty understanding the logic of placing a standalone washroom, which can be located elsewhere, being built on a million-dollar piece of property with a million-dollar view and capable of generating millions of dollars in revenue.

How will this washroom location benefit the community? It prevents future development of this site. It does not require a view and, in fact, there will be no view from the washrooms. Finally, it will generate no revenue for the community or attract any new tourists to Kincardine. Since the washroom is totally separate from the Kincardine Arts Centre, a delay to review all options for the washroom will not affect the planned update to the centre.

If others in the community agree that this is a poor choice for a washroom location, then the only way to have the municipal council review other options is to phone, write or e-mail them. Let your voice be heard.

Bryan Walden, Kincardine