Sunday night drama on Queen Street

Movie being filmed locally

By Josh Howald

There was no shortage of drama in downtown Kincardine on Sunday night.

Elysia White and Jeff Sinisac escape a mob of zombies Sunday night in downtown Kincardine. Part of Queen Street was closed so film crews could shoot scenes for the movie Red Spring. (Josh Howald photo)


Queen Street was closed between Broadway and Durham Streets for several hours. With a smashed car at rest in front of Fine Fettle, many locals believed there had been a collision or crash. However, the scene was all quite carefully planned.

Jeff Sinasac and his crew were filming his new movie, Red Spring. Sinasac and Kincardine native Tonya Dodds are the executive producers of the independent production, and they were shooting several scenes on Kincardine's main street. It was the eighth day of shooting for the team, which is on a tight deadline and must be finished filming before May 21. Most of the film is being shot at a farm just outside of town.

"We've been blown away by the support of the town," said Dodds. "All of our locations are donated, as well as a large chunk of our food."

The movie is not backed by a studio or any sort of funding body (like Telefilm or Ontario Media Development Fund, for example). A large team of extras, many from the Kincardine Theatre Guild, have been helping out in the film, which explores the efforts of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by vampires.

Sunday night, the crew was filming a scene that had Sinasac (who wrote, directs and stars in the film) and actress Elysia White escaping a group of zombie-like creatures on a dirt bike. A rain machine crafted up by the crew helped add to the mood on an already gloomy night in Kincardine.

Watch next week's edition for more details on the filming of Red Spring, as Dodds and Sinasac have agreed to an exclusive interview with The Kincardine Independent. You can also find out more about the movie by visiting the Red Spring Facebook page.