We know who you are


News flash: Dog poop does not disappear when the snow melts nor magically in the rain.

I, as a dog owner living in the village of Bervie, am getting totally disgusted with two particular dog owners.

One man (I can't call them gentlemen) walks his dog but allows him to poop wherever - at the end of my driveway or (his favourite spot) in front of the Hurontel building where employees of both Hurontel and Bell walk several times a week.

The other lets his dog roam free (usually at 5:30 p.m., 6 a.m. and occasionally at 10 p.m.) allowing him to do his business in other people’s yards and most often at the community mailbox where elderly people try to avoid placing their canes in it while retrieving their mail.

I realize it’s not nice to have a yard full, but I dress warmly and accompany my dog outside. I pick up her mess so I don’t have my grandkids running in it or have my dog running down the street. I purchase a box of 50 bags at the Dollar Store.

Since these individuals have no respect for the workers from Hurontel and Bell, their neighbours or the elderly, they should have some respect for their dog’s life. On a busy road people notice a dog at the last second. Will your dog get killed or will the poor driver end up hitting a pole or another car?

When my daughter was five years old, I took her to the park in Tiverton. She picked up the germ "Giardia lamblia" from feces; the oral medication needed is so horrible that I had to drive her to the Kincardine Hospital every morning for 10 days while they left a tylock  in her hand for intravenous. It's also something your dog could bring home.

For all the people who try to keep their yards clean and are doing the considerate thing, I don't know why we have to walk around, over or have to pick up your dog’s mess and replace the bushes that their urine has killed. You know, it’s not like your neighbours don't know who you are.

Sincerely, Susan Ryder