New tourist attraction


In the last year or so, there have been a number of media releases about concerns with the Armow Wind Farm. Some of these concerns involve electromagnetic radiation, ground vibrations, dead birds; heck, even epileptic seizures allegedly due to the synchronized red lights flashing all night long. Some people think the big white turbines are an eyesore, blocking the view of the countryside.

However, there is another side effect from these turbines that has hit our municipality. Last year numbers were given that the 90-plus Armow turbines would amount to $10 million in taxes to the municipality over the next 20 years. Okay, so that is $500,000 a year, divided by 90, equals $5,555 per year per turbine. Using these figures, the 110 turbines already installed are paying over half a million bucks to the municipality each year.

Yet at the same time our taxes went up more than 21 per cent - a record! Despite all this additional money from the turbine taxes, this joint just can’t figure out how to handle the tax money pouring in. So, another side effect of the Kincardine wind farm is a symptom called “fiscal incompetency” (the hypnotizing effect of spinning turbine blades leading to spendthrift delusions).

For 2015, we might as well make this a new tourist attraction: Kincardine - a taxpayer feel good town. Just think, tourists could come here and learn about the record-breaking tax increases, see how they squander its taxes, talk to the Kincardine tax victims shopping in Goderich, Hanover and Port Elgin trying to save enough money to pay for the next tax increase then go home with a smile knowing that their token tax increases are no match for this place.

K. Mowle, Kincardine