Kincardine in danger of losing funding for Inverhuron servicing project


The Municipality of Kincardine is appealing to the province to grant an extension on the Inverhuron sewer and water servicing project to prevent it from losing a $6 million grant.


In a letter to Jeff Leal, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, mayor Larry Kraemer said delays make it impossible for the municipality to meet the project completion deadline of March 31, 2016. Kincardine received a grant of $6,076,400 in March 2009 for the project, contingent on meeting the deadline. The entire project is expected to top $9.3 million.


“Given delays associated with this project, it will be extremely difficult to finalize the engineering design, receive all necessary approvals and tender the project in order to complete construction entirely with the 2015 construction season,” Kraemer said in the letter.


To his knowledge, he added, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has received to all the information required to review the project and make a decision on whether to approve the project.


“In good faith, Kincardine has proceeded with the completion of Stages 2, 3 and 4 archeological assessments, in co-operation with the local First Nations community, the Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON), at significant cost to the municipality, so that historical artifacts potentially impacted by the project can be avoided or properly catalogued in keeping with Ministry guidelines,” Kraemer noted.


Building and planning director Michele Barr confirmed Monday that since 2011 the municipality has spent roughly $275,000 on the environmental assessment work (archeological work), but noted that it is eligible for government funding as part of the overall project.


He explained that the municipality has proceeded with engineering for the servicing project, but has found that some residents have been reluctant to co-oporate because concerns over the lack of formal authorization from the Ministry. The project is a significant undertaking and the municipality anticipates a number of challenges, he added, related to rock excavation, groundwater management and work on private property, and work could extend over two construction seasons.


The municipality posted an update on its website earlier this month about the environmental assessment work for the water and sewer project. The Independent had been contacted about digging that was occurring in the area of Lake Street North and South with a bulldozer. The report from the municipality indicates that “project archaeologists, Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc., are completing additional deep test pits in order to determine whether archaeological material is present at the depth where the proposed water main and low pressure sewer will be installed.”


Barr said some areas were hand sifted after the project archeologists discovered layers that were of interest and the team will be going back out to the site to investigate further.


The report went on to say that by confirming the information before construction it would minimize the amount of assessment needed during construction and allow the contractor who will do the work to install many of the lines through directional drilling rather than through open trench excavation.


Members of the public who want more information about the project are being directed to the project engineers at BM Ross and Associations at 1-888-524-2641.

Sewer system fiasco.

To what lengths is this council willing to go to complete this ridiculous and unnecessary project? Oh ya, they don't care. The Inverhuron ratepayers are flipping the bill for this one.
9.3 million? Nice guesstimation. Why bother even guessing? The ratepayers were told that the amount that they'll have to pay will be calculated when the project is completed. So what are they saying? That it may cost potentially 2/3rds more? It might be time for the ratepayers to seek legal advice on this matter. They have basically put out a signed cheque that says "fill in any amount".