Good bye Kathy


He gives nothing who does not give himself. - French proverb

My late sister-in-law was one of those who gave of herself.

That's why hundreds filed through the Davey-Linklater Funeral Home Thursday during visitation and a few hundred more filled Knox Presbyterian Church Friday for her funeral.

Why would so many people feel they had to pay tribute to a 56-year-old woman who died after falling down a set of stairs? She didn't hold public office or achieve great fame and fortune. She was, however, a loving wife, mother and grandmother. And a friend of many.

Kathy McKay was special because she lived by the golden rule, a tenet of all major religions: Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.

Kathy had a smile for everyone; she was always welcoming. There wasn't a mean bone in her body. And if she had been able to attend her funeral, would have wondered what the fuss was all about.
She'll be especially missed by her husband John, sons Scott and Tim and their families, and by her many relatives and friends.

Good bye, Kathy. You will be remembered with love.

A week ago Thursday, we were sitting on the back deck under a clear sky with some friends at about 11 p.m. when a few of us thought we heard thunder.

The deck didn't shake.

But a lot of people told me their houses shook at that time, one just a couple of blocks from the office.

What caused the earth to shake? A University of Western Ontario professor says, according to the Toronto Star, that it wasn't a meteor shower, although meteorites have been known to cause sonic booms. And it wasn't an airplane or an earthquake.

The professor says monitoring equipment did pick up sound waves inaudible to humans, just south of Kincardine.

Perhaps it was the gods sending a warning - don't privatize physiotherapy at the Kincardine hospital.

Albrecht Ebner, a member of Kincardine's World Earth Day committee, has been writing to Queen Elizabeth the past four years asking her to attend the annual celebration on Sept. 12.

He hasn't had much luck to date and is asking area residents to write to Her Majesty in the hope that she can be convinced to come to Kincardine.

If you believe in World Peace and want to help Ebner, here is the addess:

Her Majesty, the Queen of England
Buckingham Palace
London, UK

There were a few more mistakes than usual in last week's paper. The proof readers were teary-eyed and then, for some reason, a few corrected pages didn't seem to make it to the press.
Hopefully, no one noticed the one in this column. If you did, thank you for accepting that gap between what we know and what we do.