Dogs to bears


If you are bitten by a dog, make sure you get particulars from the owners.


A Kincardine resident may have to start rabies shots this week because he hasn’t been able to locate the owner of the dog that bit him. If you have been bitten by a dog and don’t know if it has had its rabies shots, you require said shots.


This particular dog, a medium size brown and tan mixed breed, was on a leash and it was still able to bite the man as he walked on Huron Terrace on the south side of town.


Too many people are unable to control their dogs. I was walking along the river trails one morning last week when a dog started jumping on me; it ignored the yells of its owners.


Then I met a few more dogs on the loose so I left the park.


I don’t mind if a dog is on the loose if the owner has complete control of the beast, but very few do, so their dogs should be leashed (even then some dogs are not under control).


There is a dog park in town for people who want their dogs to roam.


Perhaps the new council will be better at enforcing the bylaws of the municipality.




CBC news had a feature on municipalities and their mayors on election night last week.


Of all the taxes collected in Canada each year, the feds and provinces split 89 per cent of the revenue and the municipalities receive 11 per cent.


Although municipalities provide most of the services you use – water, sewage, garbage pick-up, recreational facilities, parks  – they don’t have much money to improve things.


The story also said mayors don’t have enough power, having just one vote at the council table. That might be a good thing – power tends to corrupt.


Not too many surprises in the local election.


Hopefully there are no one-issue candidates among the elected. If councillors do their homework and make decisions based on the good of the whole municipality, maybe this council will get something done. The last council seemed to spend much of its time talking and as a result nothing much was accomplished.


I wish the new council members well. They have a tough job.




Around the area, former Kincardine resident Deb Shewfelt, mayor of Goderich for the past 22 years, went down to defeat. He must have done a good job to spend that many years in office.


Two people with Kincardine connections were elected elsewhere last Monday.


John Pollard is the new councillor for Ward 6 in Milton. He is the son of Margaret (Pollock) and John Sr.  Margaret’s parents, Wayne and Bev Pollock, were the children of the late Kay and Elmer Pollock and Eileen and the late Gordon Black.


Greg Beros was elected councillor for Ward 1, Oak Ridges, City of Richmond Hill. He is the son of Elizabeth and Adrian Beros. Adrian was born in Argentina while Elizabeth was Kincardine born and raised. She is the sister of Eileen Black of Kincardine.


That information comes courtesy of Robert Black of Toronto.




Hallowe’en finally seems to be a children’s event.


Thirty years ago, downtown store owners spent the morning after Hallowe’en cleaning eggs, soap etc. from their buildings.


This past Saturday, the main street was filled with children and their parents collecting goodies from downtown merchants.


A nice change.


Did your kids collect too much candy?


I was at the dentist last week and saw a poster saying the office would buy candy for a buck a pound and also give you a chance to win an electronic device.




Do you remember the nursery rhyme, The Teddy Bears Picnic?


Could be a lot of truth in the first stanza.


If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today
You'd better go in disguise!


And if it’s a Big Ears Teddy, you’re apt to get more than a surprise. Stay away from men with Teddy Bears.