It's a dog's life


It’s sad but true. For many couples, dogs are more important than children.

Some dog owners believe their pets can take the place of children.

Why have a child when you can treat a dog like your kid?

That’s why we have stores for dogs, doggy day care, dog whisperers, dog sitting services. Dogs are a big expense for some people.

Which brings us to the dog park that a group in Kincardine would like council to set up.

There are apparently 1,500 dog parks in North America so Kincardine is perhaps a little slow getting into the game.

People take their dogs to such parks where they can run loose and socialize with others of their species. I suppose that means a place to freely defecate, fornicate and exercise the olfactory glands. Which raises a serious question: will children need eye cover to gain admittance?

And what about dogs that fight? Will psychopathic dogs be allowed?

Supporters of a dog park say they are good for tourism and send a positive message to anyone considering a move to your community.

We’ve come a long way when we’re concerned about a dog’s social life.

Not that many years ago, few parents were concerned about the social life of their children, let alone that of their dogs. The main concern used to be clothing the kids and putting food on the table. Kids looked after their own social life.

Now we organize the social life of kids - and dogs.

Today, I hear of people spending hundreds of dollars to have a vet operate on their dogs - they are that important to them. Indeed, pampered dogs get better, quicker health care than many people in this province. Fortunately for the dogs, there is no vet shortage.

What does it say about North American society when the dog is elevated to almost human status?

And what about a dog park?

If there are 2,200 dogs in the community, a dog park sounds like a good thing - as long as they don‘t all show up at once..

If the municipality sets up such a park, what about people who refuse to use it and continue to allow their dogs to run at large in parks and defecate around town at will? Will the municipality enforce its dog bylaws?


On the home front, Dana and I became grandparents again on Saturday morning. The latest addition to the family is Annie Rea Hodges, 8 pounds 5 ounces, She is the daughter of Sarah and Christopher Hodges of Regina, Saskatchewan.


How do you get a job as an economist?

It’s the only profession I can think of where you can say one thing today in public and say just the opposite a week later and still be hailed as some kind of guru.

Our prime minister is supposedly an economist of some stature. But just a few months ago he said there would be no deficit in this country.

Now it’s going to be $80-billion or so over the next two years and he says the world is unfolding as it should.

The PM seems to believe he is some kind of Messiah. He says the deficit will disappear by 2013 - without raising taxes.

How do you pay off that $80 billion without raising taxes?

Apparently, you can just say, “Presto” and it’s gone.

Economists continue to amaze, week after week.


The federal government is considering bailing out some of the large media conglomerates in this country, says a news report.

That would be a major mistake.

Those companies are in trouble for only one reason - incompetence. No one told them they had to go out and buy every newspaper and television station in the land.

The public should not have to pay good money to bail out greedy incompetents.

Perhaps the government believes a bail out would ensure good media coverage forever.