Is it really greener?


It has been suggested, because this area has Scottish roots, that this newspaper should comment on Scotland’s failed vote for independence.




There is likely more chance of Ward 3 splitting from the Municipality of Kincardine than Scotland leaving Great Britain.


Anyway, the province won’t allow the separation of municipalities so I’ll get back to Scotland.


I imagine the Scots did the right thing by voting “no”. As far as countries go, there is strength in numbers. There has never been a successful invasion of Great Britain since its inception in 1707. That’s something few European countries can say.


But I guess the grass continues to be greener on the other side of the fence so people will continue to bicker and seek independence in all corners of the world.


Meanwhile, we continue to pump massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the environment. Eventually, that could leave us with burned grass on both sides of the fence. Who wins then?


Too bad that the energy people put into separation couldn’t be transferred to more important things, like the environment.


Tens of thousands of people marched in New York Sunday and in many other parts of the world warning that climate change is destroying the earth. They urged politicians to take quick action.


Unfortunately, their voices will go unheard. Politicians have more important things to worry about than something that is going to happen 10 years down the road.


The Scots had a massive voter turnout in their election. If the people in democratic countries got that interested in the issues each election, they could bring about real change.


But that doesn’t happen. In the last Canadian federal election in 2011, voter turnout was only 61.1 per cent. In the 2010 Kincardine election, voter turnout was 51 per cent.


Maybe that’s why so many people are unhappy with their politicians. Get involved, check the candidates out and then vote.




I wonder when this mania for food took over in our country.


My five-year-old granddaughter started kindergarten a few weeks ago and once every 20 days she has to take snacks to school for all 20 children in the class. The snacks are to be fruits and vegetables, but one wonders why the students need treats at all.


Today at many schools in the country, the kids don’t have recess, they have food breaks.


I can’t remember people bringing treats to school; I just remember everyone going outside at recess to play, whatever the weather.


Last week, a Lethbridge, Alberta, high school student was suspended for violating the school’s nutritional and marketing policies. His sin – selling non-diet Pepsi to his peers. That earned him a two-day suspension for violating the school’s diet-only soft drink rules.


Why do schools sell soft drinks at all? They certainly aren’t good for you.


Actually, the student likely did his classmates a favour. A new study says that diet drinks are thought to increase obesity and the risk of diabetes.


It’s no wonder the country has an obesity problem when even the schools encourage over eating.




Things I can’t understand…


*Why has it been fine for NFL players to beat women and children until this year? All of a sudden each beating makes headlines and players are suspended. Football players in the States are college graduates. What does that say about the U.S. education system?


*Why does every move made by Doug or Rob Ford make the front page of every daily newspaper and a top spot on all television networks? When I was in Regina a couple of weeks ago, I might as well have been in Toronto. Ford, Ford and more Ford.


*Why are Canada and the U.S. getting involved in the conflict in Islamic State (IS)? Different sects of Islam are fighting it out for power in the Middle East. It makes no sense for Canada to get involved. Every time the U.S. gets involved in the Middle East, the situation worsens.




Many people would never think of going to a production at the Stratford Festival.


But I believe seeing a show there is money well spent.


Dana and I saw Man of LaMancha last week, a musical that takes place during the time of the Spanish Inquisition. That’s where the song The Impossible Dream comes from.


Don Quixote, the hero, is mad, as he tragically fights to create a life with meaning in a very cynical world.

For a couple of hours, you can lose yourself in the dream that life can be better.