Pleased with policing


The South-Bruce OPP released data last week that indicates residents in the detachment area think they are doing a good job.

Residents were asked to rate police service in a survey conducted by R. A. Malatest & Associations Ltd. between Jan. 14 and March 31, 2014. An analysis of the data showed the South-Bruce OPP received an overall satisfaction rating of 92.6 per cent.

Police highlighted that 98.9 per cent of residents felt safe or very safe in the community, and that 93 per cent of residents felt the OPP maintained good visibility on the highways. For ability to solve issues, 92.2 per cent of residents were satisfied, at 90.1 per cent felt that the OPP was visible enough in the community. The study showed that 87.7 per cent of residents were satisfied with the enforcement of aggressive driving and the same percentage was satisfied with the enforcement of impaired driving.

"A safe community is a reflection of the level of engagement of its citizenry. A community that is willing to work with the police and other partners to address issues of social disorder will have higher satisfaction rates and a strong sense of security," said Inspector Scott Smith, Detachment Commander for the South-Bruce OPP.

"The OPP is constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency and service delivery to which end I welcome constructive criticism. I hope that the introduction of Citizen Self Reporting online will help people to report crime more easily."