Do you ever get the idea that the same people and the same issues keep reappearing in newspapers or on television?


Let’s look at Toronto mayor Rob Ford. His latest venture in his re-election bid is the hiring of a sobriety coach after employing a personal fitness trainer earlier this year to get him in shape. I suppose this could be the up and coming thing among the rich in the coming months.


What other coaches could Ford use?


He could use a truth instructor to prevent him from telling any more whoppers. Another good addition to his team would be a morality coach - someone who could tell him right from wrong.


Anyone with a coterie of body guards, communication people and coaches must be better off than the working man. Why then do people believe him to be the champion of the little guy?


If he’s re-elected, Toronto deserves him.


The best story of last week was the one saying disgraced senator Mike Duffy has a 32-year-old love child with a convicted drug smuggler from Peru being the mother.


If true, what can we conclude?


Choose one of the following: a. for every Jack there is a Jessie; b. Duffy was once good looking; c. there is hope for ugliest of men; d. Duffy hopes people will forget the 31 criminal charges he is facing.


I wonder if the love child is also roly poly.


Foreign affairs minister John Baird is in the news daily.


He’s a very angry man, always slamming Palestine, Russia, Iran, the United Nations and anybody else he doesn’t like.


Does anyone pay attention to Baird or is he considered a loud-mouthed buffoon?


Another recurring story in the Middle East is the blowing up of buildings. Last week Israel and Palestine were once again dropping bombs on each other.


When Canada gives money to countries in the Middle East, is it spent on bombs, arms and rebuilding projects?


Then there is Russia and Ukraine. One of them is responsible for bringing down an airliner last week, killing almost 300 innocent people.


Maybe we should cut off money to countries that continue to either blow up themselves or their neighbours.


Canada gives away approximately $5.7 billion in foreign aid a year. Even Russia and China receive aid; with bigger economies than ours, the question is “Why?”.


Another odd thing in the news is that people keep announcing that they are coming out of the closet. That’s really not news anymore.


Closer to home, we have the never ending saga of who is to pay for the water pipeline. That story has been going for so long, that most people likely don’t even know the full story. Someone could write a book on that one.


And then there is OPG’s deep geologic repository (DGR); the arguing continues.


Fortunately we live in an oasis of sanity in Bruce County. There is a lot of talk, but we leave the fighting to others.


Boring, but it works.




Although I hear people complaining that it’s not hot enough this summer, I enjoy the moderate temperatures that have kept everything looking fresh and clean. That’s preferable to hot and burned out.




Dana and I took in The Foursome, a Norm Foster play, at the Bluewater Summer Playhouse Friday evening. Foster’s plays always provide some good laughs and The Foursome is no exception. The play runs until July 26.


And we saw Jersey Boys Sunday evening at the Aztec Theatre. It’s the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.


It’s nice to see the theatre open for the summer.