Kincardine dissects agreement signed with Armow Wind


By Barb McKay


The municipality is delving deeper into its development and road use agreements with the developers of the Armow Wind Project for answers to questions from the public.


Last Wednesday, councillor Jacqueline Faubert presented a motion to Kincardine council asking for municipal staff to prepare a report that provides more detailed information about the agreements with SP Armow Wind Ontario LP. The development agreement, signed in May, includes a community benefit fund that would see SP Armow contribute $630,000 annually over 20 years, plus provide more than $1million for the Kincardine airport. Construction on the 180-megawatt industrial wind turbine development is expected to begin this fall.


Faubert said there are questions that need to be answered about the agreement and circumstances under which it was approved. She said her motion stems from a letter sent to the municipality last month by HALT member Karen Breitbach.


Staff has been asked to report back on why the agreement was discussed in closed session instead of open session; why the agreement was approved when the project is still under appeal at Divisional Court; and what the restrictions are on groups with municipal members such as the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group under the agreement. Staff has also been asked to compare what the total taxes collected over the project’s 20-year lifespan are under the tax cap in the development agreement to the municipality’s tax formula and potential tax increase in the yearly budgetary bylaw.


Deputy mayor Anne Eadie asked if the municipality had replied to Breitbach’s letter. CAO Murray Clarke said that council did not provide clear direction at the June 18 meeting and knowing the motion would be coming forward staff elected to wait until it had more concise direction. Faubert, agreed, noting that she wanted a report that the entire public could look to for answers.


“We are going to respond to every conspiracy theory that comes our way are we?” mayor Larry Kraemer commented.


Council agreed to have staff prepare a report to be presented at a council meeting in the near future.