The Midas touch


The Northern Ontario town of Mattawa made the front page of the Toronto Star Saturday.




TransCanada Corp. gave the town $30,000 two years ago for a new rescue truck. A formal agreement covering the donation was drawn up this year. It contains a clause that says the town can’t comment on TransCanada’s operations or business projects.


A Mattawa councillor is concerned about the clause, saying that he is worried the condition will prevent the town from commenting on TransCanada’s nearby pipeline.


If $30,000 in supposed “hush” money has intrigued the Star, what will it do if it hears of Kincardine’s $13.63 million agreement with the owners of the Armow Wind Project?


Kincardine councillor Jacqueline Faubert is worried that the agreement will prevent the municipality from supporting residents who have problems with the project.


Big corporations seem to be big on secrecy.


Farmers who develop health problems from living near wind turbines are often bought out by the wind companies. Some I have talked to say the purchase agreement prevents them from commenting.




As I sit back and look at the human race, I wonder how deep into the muck we can sink before we catch on that we are screwing up.


erhaps humans are simply stupid.


I heard on the news the other night that Oklahoma has suddenly become a hotbed for earthquakes – more than 100 in the past five years. A few years ago, they were few in number. What’s changed? Well, they’re fracking for oil and gas in Oklahoma.


That process involves pumping water and chemicals under pressure into old oil wells to free up gas and oil still underground. The water apparently makes the ground unstable.


So roads, houses and possibly people are destroyed so we can get some oil and gas out of the ground.


In some places where fracking has taken place, people have had natural gas come out of their water taps.

What are a few earthquakes and a little well water when there is money to be made?


Speaking of water, you better enjoy Lake Huron while you can. If there is money to be made with water – some people believe it will be the next gold – then it’s only a matter of time until the Great Lakes are drained.


So what if tens of million of people living by the lakes get their drinking water from them?


Climate change, brought about by greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels, is happening. The Saskatchewan and Manitoba governments have admitted as much in the wake of the flooding.


But the federal government and the oil companies continue to deny there is any such thing as climate change. They are like happy little morons being led to the gas chamber.


Who cares if coastal cities flood, if some parts of the world are enveloped by drought and some places become too hot to inhabit? Not the big boys, as long as they make lots of money.


If you look at the Middle East, you’ll notice that hate seems to be the flavour of the century. The arms dealers must be having a hay day. So what if innocent people are dying left, right and centre?


If some arms dealer gets hold of an atomic bomb, you can be sure he’ll sell it. Who cares if the odd city is destroyed? He’ll have his money.


When did money become the most important thing in the world?


You can’t eat it or drink it. It won‘t keep you warm. And once the rich boys have sold out the environment, it won’t even buy a clean glass of water.


So why the rush to make tons and tons of money?


The Greeks knew the foolishness of greed more than 2,000 years ago as the story of King Midas illustrates.


I guess we are slow learners.




Listening to a pair of five-year-olds conversing on the computer I heard this joke.


Why did the bicycle fall over?


It was too tired.


Hope you get it.