Short memories


I’m constantly surprised by the antics of Kincardine council.


Last week, it spent a great deal of time agonizing over the fact that a developer’s plan for a 33-unit apartment building in downtown Kincardine did not provide parking for visitors to the building. Nearby Victoria Park, said council, doesn’t need more people parking their cars around it.


Now, that would be a concern if council had treated other developments in a similar manner.


The developer, Keith Battler, noted that the municipality never expressed the same concern about the Bruce Steakhouse, New Seasons Restaurant or other downtown businesses. Indeed, Princes Court reached an agreement with this council for residents to park on the street.


Those four buildings are all near Victoria Park.


So why the sudden concern? Do council members have short memories?


Consistency would be a good policy.


Still on the subject, council gets quite chatty about some issues, but rather closed-mouth about others – such as the downtown tourist booth and the sale of Bruce Telecom.




Three years ago, then Premier Dalton McGuinty, NDP leader Andrea Horwath and PC leader Tim Hudak met with a group of publishers at the Ontario Community Newspapers Association convention.


At the time, I was impressed with Horwath, but not with Hudak. He struck me as being a bit on the phony side.


Three weeks ago, I watched Horwath, Hudak and Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne debate. Hudak still struck me as phony but the newspapers and television stations declared him the runaway winner of the debate.

After reading an article Saturday on the election, I found I wasn’t the only one not impressed with the PC leader.


During the leaders’ debate, said the article, the Liberal election team wired up panels of viewers who could rotate a dial to register their impression of each leader when he or she spoke. Viewers gave Hudak thumbs down almost every time he spoke. The more he flashed that forced smile, the more the panel soured on him.


That’s likely why the Tories lost the election. Maybe people didn’t quite trust Hudak – or his math.




Still on the election, the Liberals were due for a thrashing what with the gas plant and other scandals.


If the Tories had had a moderate, respected leader, they would have won the election in a breeze.


Instead, they lost seats. If they insist on having far right policies, they’ll be like Moses and wander in the political desert for another 40 years.


Horwath didn’t seem prepared for the election after forcing it.


The result of weak opposition this election was a Liberal majority.




The involvement of public sector unions in the election was troubling. They backed the Liberals this time around. Does that mean the government owes those unions favours come bargaining time?


Hope not.




It was no surprise that PC Lisa Thomson was re-elected in Huron-Bruce. People in this and other rural ridings along the lake don’t like The Green Energy Act that the Liberal government enacted.