Balloon’s journey was karma, says mom



By Barb McKay


The mystery of the message in the balloon found on Boiler Beach has been solved.


In the May 7 edition of The Independent, we ran an article about a message that was found attached to a deflated green balloon stuck in a patch of reeds on Boiler Beach. The message read: “Please read me. This piece of paper was attached to my balloon that I released at our neighbourhood balloon launch on September 14, 2013 in Lake Forest, Illinois. After you read this, please take a picture of this piece of paper with your phone and email it to me, or mail it to me so I can see how far it went.”


The Independent contacted the school district in Lake Forest and spoke to an elementary school principal who said he would try and find out who the message belonged to.


On Thursday, The Independent received a phone call from Lisa Reynolds of Lake Forest, Illinois, who explained the story. The Park Lane neighbourhood of Lake Forest had held a balloon launch on Sept. 13. Approximately 30 kids took part and launched their helium balloons into the air.


“Most didn’t make it very far,” she said.


The balloon that made it to Kincardine belonged to her 11-year-old daughter, Sara.


“The principal pulled her down to his office and she thought she was in trouble,” Reynolds said. Instead, she was thrilled to learn about her balloon’s journey.


“It must be Sara’s karma,” Reynolds said. “She has that luck; the strangest things happen to her. She always wants to be heard and now she has been.”