Kincardine puts freeze on minor sports ice rates

Ice rate at Tiverton lowered

By Barb McKay


The municipality will reduce the minor sports ice rental rate at the Tiverton arena – by $1.


After a lengthy discussion two weeks ago, Kincardine council decided to ignore a staff request to increase ice rental rates at both the Davidson Centre and the Tiverton Sports Complex and instead go with a request from the minor hockey associations to lower the hourly rate in Tiverton so that it is aligned with Ripley’s rate. The request was also to freeze Kincardine’s ice rental rate.


Council had agreed that it would consider reducing the Tiverton rate and holding off on increasing Kincardine’s rate for one-year, but asked staff to first come back with Ripley’s ice rental rates, since it did not have that information.


Last Wednesday, council was presented with a comparison of Kincardine, Tiverton and Ripley’s fees. Kincardine and Tiverton’s prime time ice rate is slightly lower at $128.75 per hour than Ripley’s rate of $130 per hour, however April and August ice rentals in the municipality are $143 per hour. Ripley offers a daytime rate of $65 per hour and a tournament day rate of $80 per hour.


However, the minor hockey ice rental rates for Tiverton and Ripley are comparable at $109 and $108 respectively. Kincardine’s rate is $116.


“I got the impression from minor sports that there is a significant difference,” said councillor Jacqueline Faubert.


“This was the direction from council and so this is what staff is presenting,” said councillor Ken Craig, who is the recreation policy chair.


“With a $1 difference I don’t think we’ll see much of a difference (in ice use) but we’ve come this far and it’s only for a year,” said deputy mayor Anne Eadie.


Council agreed to decrease the minor sports rate at the Tiverton arena by $1 per hour and to freeze Kincardine’s rate for one year.