Davidson Centre track being resurfaced


By Josh Howald

The Davidson Centre track in Kincardine is being resurfaced.

Staff from Sportica Inc., work on the track Monday morning. (Josh Howald photo)

Work was scheduled to begin on the track last Tuesday. Though materials had arrived, and machinery from the contractor - Sportica Inc. - was at the site, work had yet to begin Wednesday afternoon. The job is scheduled to be completed by May 18.

"The resurfacing is weather dependent," said Karen Kieffer, Recreation Supervisor for the Municipality of Kincardine on Tuesday.

Kieffer said the only track meet that had to be relocated to another venue was the Bluewater Athletic Association Track & Field Championships.

"We have been in touch with the schools that have track meets booked the week of May 20, and in the event there is a delay there is still time to accommodate the track and field meets as we have always done in previous  years," said Kieffer.

The BAA meet is scheduled to take place tomorrow, May 15, at St. Anne's Catholic School in Clinton. That takes away a bit of home advantage for the Kincardine District Secondary School track and field team, but the squad isn't bothered. In the long run, the resurfacing of the track works in their favour, and ensures the BAA Track and Field Championships will be continually held at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine. The Kincardine track badly needed to be resurfaced. The Davidson Centre track was built 25 years ago, and it has been a decade since the track was resurfaced.

The initial quote from Sportica came in at more than $300,000. The cost was deemed too much for Kincardine council, and Sportica came back with a less expensive solution. Instead of ripping up the existing track and resurfacing, the company will instead lay a rubberized surface over the existing track. The work comes with a three-year guarantee and comes at a cost of just more than $167,000.