Kinetic Knights preparing for world championships


The Kinetic Knights - Team 781 are gearing up for the world championship match of the FIRST robotics competition in St. Louis, Missouri, April 24-26.


The Knights attended three regional competitions in Oshawa, Waterloo and Windsor to qualify for its fourth consecutive visit to the championships. In Oshawa, the team made it to the quarterfinals but won two awards, the Dean’s List Finalist award for Darby Watterworth, and the prestigious Chairman’s Award. It was another tough loss in the quarterfinals in Waterloo, but the team also picked the Entrepreneurship Award and one for Industrial Safety.  With a close loss in the quarterfinals in Windsor, the team added the Judges’ Award as well as special mention in the Robot Selfie competition.


Team 781 has high hopes for the world championships.


“The biggest award that we are in the running for is the Chairman's Award," says awards lead Alex Pagnan.


"We're really excited to have the opportunity to present our team for this award for the second year in a row, and in the team's history. We're excited to give it our all as representatives of not only our team, but our community and Canada."


As for the team’s robot, it’s manufactured with lighter parts that can be added onto the robot during the practice day. Build captain Luke Splettstoesser notes that the team is simulating game play, using a previous year’s robot as a defender, which will allow them to be more prepared for the heat of competition.


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