Having your cake


I’m surprised that councillor Jacqueline Faubert is dead against a Bell Mobility tower on Kincardine Legion property.


Bell Mobility told council last week that the tower is needed to serve cellular customers downtown and in the area of Station Beach.


If memory serves correct, Faubert is very supportive of Team Kincardine’s push for better cellular service downtown and at the beach.


You can’t have your cake and eat it too.




I suppose I should declare a conflict of interest before I write this section.


Before I sold The Independent, I always wanted to know what my competitor was paying to rent space in the Annex (old post office building), owned by the Municipality of Kincardine.


I figured my competitor was getting a sweet-heart deal while I was paying taxes - because no one would reveal the rent.


I still don’t know, but I now have a copy of the 2007 lease agreement between the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce for the rental of the Annex.


The lease makes interesting reading. The Chamber was responsible for all utility and day to day maintenance costs of the Annex. By Jan. 31 of each year, the Chamber was to provide the municipality with a financial statement showing the revenue and expenditures with respect to the building; 20 per cent of the net rental revenue was to be credited to the Annex Reserve fund, administered by the municipality, for future repairs.


Apparently the practice was not followed. The financial statements were not received and money didn’t go into a reserve fund for future capital repairs. Both sides seem to have been negligent.


I guess the rent my competitor paid will remain a secret.


Meanwhile, the municipality has just agreed to sub-lease space from the Chamber for three years. Elections for council are only six months away.




Much of the snow disappeared last week, leaving many residents disgusted with what it left behind.


I was talking to a couple of people who were upset at the dog feces all over town – at the beach, in parks, on lawns.


They wonder why some dog owners pick up the dog feces with their little baggies and then leave the baggies in the parks, etc.


Dogs are the new children, said one reader, and many dogs are treated better than children.


Dog feces will continue to be an issue. Dog owners seem to be in the majority and the municipality doesn’t do much about enforcing bylaws.


You would think that a council intent on attracting tourists would ensure that it is safe to walk in the parks and on the sidewalks where dogs are often off leash.




Dana and I were going through old photos last week and found a list of artists from the 1960s who are revising their hits to accommodate the baby boomers.


Here are a few:


Herman’s Hermits – Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely walker.

The Bee Gees – How can you mend a broken hip.

Bobby Darin – Splish, splash I was havin’ a flash.

Roberta Flack – The first time I ever forgot your face.

Paul Simon – Fifty ways to lose your liver.

Willie Nelson – On the commode again.


That’s enough for now.