I got a kick out of listening to Kincardine councillor Jacqueline Faubert’s report on the off-leash dog park.


She told council that KinDOG members want more ways to enforce the rules at the dog park.


I have news for the councillor - most people in Kincardine would like to see all the bylaws in the municipality enforced.


Blind you must be if you know not that bylaws are rarely enforced.


A week ago Sunday, the sun was shining, the temperature above freezing and the snow melting. It was an ideal day for a jaunt through Geddes Park. For the first part of the walk, it was more like tiptoeing through dog turds. Melting snow reveals that a good portion of the public ignores the poop and scoop bylaw.


Living downtown, I see dozens of parking violations each week. People complain of dogs on the loose in parks and at the beach.More bylaws not enforced.


So councillor, don’t push for more rules for the dog park until the rest of the bylaws are enforced.


Politicians in this great land love passing laws. Why? Few are enforced. Maybe it gives politicians a feeling of importance.




I sympathize with responsible dog owners. They pick up after their dogs, walk them on leashes and are likely the 50 per cent of people in the municipality who licence their pets.


The members of kinDOG even have “poop” clean-up drives downtown and on the beach in the spring.




So the owner of Sun Media, owner of our competition and many other weeklies and dailies across Canada is a Separatist.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper must wonder why he has been so cozy with Sun Media. He’s likely having second thoughts about that relationship.


I guess Sun Media likes Canada’s money, just not our company.




Enbridge is applying to the Ontario Energy Board for a 40 per cent increase in the price of natural gas.


One reader sent a note asking: do Kincardine and Huron-Kinloss councils still believe bringing natural gas to the area is a good idea?




Canadians are a fairly bright group. We can build planes, trains and automobiles, freeways, you name it.

Then why can’t we build highways that don’t collect snow?


I went to Goderich Thursday and noticed that there is very little snow on the fields. The snow banks on the side of Highway 21 were another story altogether.


We could plant trees along the highway to provide a windbreak. The highway could be rebuilt so the snow simply blows across the highway and accumulates in the ditches.


When you consider the accidents, injuries and deaths that have occurred over the years because of clogged highways with zero visibility, it seems it would be a lot cheaper in the long run to do a better job of snow proofing our highways.


However, they’ll likely be in the same condition 25 years from now.