Water lines continue to freeze


By Barb McKay


The Municipality of Kincardine continues to ask residents to run their taps after water lines froze on 13 properties in just two days last week.


Since the notice was issued last month 52 frozen water lines have been reported. So far, 44 have been thawed out.


“If you notice reduced water pressure, it could be a sign that your pipes are freezing,” deputy mayor Anne Eadie said during a public announcement made at last Wednesday’s council meeting.


If water pressure is reduced, she said, turn the tap to full power for a while to help prevent freezing. It is also important to make sure everyone in the household is aware that a tap should be running at all times at a stream that is about the width of a pencil lead.


The cost associated with doing this is about 80 cents per day. However, Eadie said, a water line that freezes between the property line and the home is the responsibility of the property owner. The municipality will cover the cost for dealing with frozen water lines on public property.


If pipes freeze, residents are asked to call 519-396-4660 during regular business hours or 519-396-1511 after hours.



*The municipality has signed a letter of intent to replace street lights with LED fixtures.

RealTerm Energy Corporation, which would replace the lights, will carry out an assessment of Kincardine’s streetlight system and bring back a cost to the municipality. At that time, the municipality can decide whether it wants to go ahead with the project or not.


*Municipal staff may have some explaining to do.


During last Wednesday’s council meeting, councillor Jacqueline Faubert said she was surprised to see that the airport house was listed for rent on the municipal website. She said the rental was posted without consultation with council.


The house is listed at $1,200 per month plus utilities.


“I felt kind of ambushed by that,” Faubert said.


Council decided to defer further discussion until CAO Murray Clarke returns from holidays.