If you are contemplating running for municipal office, you have until Sept. 12 to file your  nomination papers.


Voting day is Monday, Oct. 27 and the newly elected take office Monday, Dec. 1, 2014.


Democracy can only remain strong and vibrant if people take an interest in their governments.


There should be a few new faces around the council table following each election. If you believe you have something to offer in Huron-Kinloss or Kincardine, consider an election bid.




While many people pay lip service to democracy and how great it is in this country, that’s far from the truth.


Take the Ford brothers in Toronto, they are a pair  of bullies who will denigrate anyone they perceive as an enemy.


The scary thing is that the electorate could return them to office.


In Ottawa, the Harper government loves to bully people and treats Canadians like idiots.


Mr. Harper sent a delegation of Conservative MPs and Ukrainian-Canadians to the Ukraine last week to show support for that country in its tug of war with Russia. NDP and Liberal MPs couldn’t be part of the delegation because they have a “bad” attitude.


The delegation should represent Canada, not the Conservative Party. Does Harper believe Ukrainian-Canadians will vote Conservative because he sends a few ethnics to that country? How stupid does he believe them to be?


The new election act before the House will prevent the chief electoral officer from investigating people who cheat during elections. That’s what happens when you catch the Conservatives with their hand in the cookie jar (or the voting booth). You get slapped down, not the guy with his hand in the cookie jar.




 Kincardine council was told last week that $10,000 in government funding (likely provincial) was used to hire a company to conduct research to see how Kincardine and Inverhuron beaches stand up against other surfing destinations.


Being a surfing centre won’t attract thousands of tourists. I spent a few weeks in Florida in an area known for its surfing. Even on weekends and during Christmas break, I never saw any more than a dozen surfers at a time.


Although all governments seem to be short of money in this country, they always find enough money to pay for rather frivolous studies.


I wonder how much is spent each year in this country on studies?


Well, they keep consultants and paper mills in money.




Dana and I attended the Kincardine Theatre Guild production of “Self Help” on Friday evening.


Norm Foster plays are good for inducing laughter and “Self-Help” is no exception. Seeing the play is a good way to get your mind off the snow.


The play runs this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.




Why does the U.S. and the West want to stick their noses in Russia’s backyard?


Russia won’t let Ukraine off its short leash.


The U.S. would react the same way as Russia is today in the Ukraine if the tables were turned and Russia were to get involved in Cuba or Canada. Do people forget U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the Cuban missle crisis?


And why is the Canadian government playing tough with Russia? President Putin must be getting a laugh out of Harper and the boys.  Our Armed Forces are using 50 year old helicopters, have a couple of old submarines that are usable and a disabled supply ship currently being towed to some Pacific port.