Hockeyville bid takes shape


Can Kincardine become Kraft Hockeyville?

The Kincardine tykes rose to the Hockeyville occasion last week between practices at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine.  (Josh Howald photo)

Kraft Canada and the CBC will announce the 16 finalists for the 2014 Hockeyville competition on March 8 on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. A spot in the top 16 would come with $25,000 to put towards the Davidson Centre.

While the Hockeyville bid is gaining momentum with various events and promotions in local schools and in the downtown core, as well as at the arena, the Hockeyville Committee was late getting to the party and it will be tough to crack the top 16. But that doesn't mean it can't happen.

For Kincardine to have a shot, everybody is urged to log on to and find the Davidson Centre. Click on the 'join' button beside the Davidson Centre. Don't simply view, only joining will make an impression. Like as many photos as you can. Then, "like" Kraft Hockeyville Kincardine 2014 on Facebook, if you haven't already. Add your own photos and stories to build Kincardine's profile, and finally, tweet them to twitter@hockeyville.

The Independent is adding a hockey photo from our archives every week day, and we're wearing our hockey sweaters to work every Friday like most other Kincardine offices. Take a peek at our front window the next time you pass by, we have a unique collection of sweaters, hats, pucks and other memmorabilia on display in honour of Hockeyville. We'll give away some Kincardine Hockeyville t-shirts this weekend, and to a lucky winner drawn from our NHL Hockey Pool contestants. These are simply examples of how to get involved with the Hockeyville spirit, so we urge you to be creative, have fun and show your spirit!