Keep water running to prevent frozen lines


By Barb McKay


As temperatures dip below zero, the municipality is asking residents to continue to run water to prevent water lines from freezing.


Kincardine CAO Murray Clarke told The Independent Monday that residents are asked to run water from the faucet furthest from where the water line enters their home until further notice. He said within the past two weeks public works crews have been out to 30 properties to repair frozen water lines.


Residents are asked to leave a faucet running with a stream that is just one eighth of an inch in diameter (a trickle). Clarke said that stream of water running steady amounts to approximately a cubic metre of water per day, at a cost of 75 to 80 cents per day.


“However, the average cost to unfreeze a water line is $800 (staff time and equipment) and all the users have to bear that cost.


“We certainly appreciate people co-operating with the notice. It’s in everyone’s best interest to do so.”